Mavcoat Rust Remover



Mavcoat Rust Remover Family

Mavcoat® Rust Remover is the must have for industrial strength rust treatment for home projects or for work related tools. Due to the industrial strength that Mavcoat® Rust Remover offers, it will strip the surface down to bare metal for the next step.
For the BEST PROTECTION use Mavcoat® Steel Shield immediately after to prevent rust from forming. Mavcoat® Rust Remover is water based and has a biodegradable formula that is safe for all your tools, household items, and anything metal.
CAUTION! Mavcoat® Rust Remover is acidic and should be used with care. It can cause spotting on metal surfaces and should be tested on hidden areas before use. It can dull painted surfaces and some plastics so rinse from these surfaces completely and wash with soap and water. Do not use on guns or black oxide tools because product will remove blueing and other metal coatings.