If you are tired of scouring rust from your chassis, frame, and other vital metal components use Mavcoat® Steel Shield, a corrosion prevention coating for protecting metal parts.

It was initially developed and is still used to prevent corrosion from attacking the tube chassis in all classes of Ultra4 racing because it is tough enough to withstand the extreme environment and harsh conditions experienced while racing or running trails on the weekend. It can be welded through without having to be removed, which eliminates the time and effort of surface preparation. The coating is not oily like other products, so it stays in place and does not run after application.

It repels water, dirt, mud, and sand. Additionally, the polymer coating plates out on metal surfaces, which provides long-term lubrication in needed areas. Mavcoat® Steel Shield is transparent so you can easily see cracks in welds and metal caused by fatigue or damage. This coating is also used by metal fabrication companies to protect their newly made parts prior to shipment so customers receive corrosion-free components.

The aerosol can allows for fast and easy application and the overspray does not harm other parts that it may come into contact with such as, wires, harnesses, plastics, or paint.


Features and Benefits
  • Resists corrosion by waterproofing bare chassis and all metal parts
  • Can be welded through without removing to save time and effort
  • Dries clear so any damage, fatigue, or cracks can be easily seen
  • Coating dries to a non-tacky finish so it not runny, oily, or messy
  • Penetrates metal crevices to leave a durable coating that also lubricates
  • Does not harm rubber, plastic, or paint so it can be safely sprayed in engine compartments