Don’t let corrosion or rust impede your fabrication process. Use Mavcoat® Steel Shield, a corrosion prevention coating to protecting bare metal. The polymer coating is unlike any other product on the market today. It can be directly welded through without having to be removed, which saves surface preparation time.

In addition, the coating dries with a slight tack and does not leave an oily residue like many other products. It stays in place and does not run after application. Mavcoat® Steel Shield also acts as a long term lubricant in moving parts and when working flat sheets of steel on forming machines. The polymer coating is ideal for pre and post fabrication, preventing rust and corrosion on any unused metal.

It also protects finished metal products so they do not rust during shipping or prior to installation.  Mavcoat® Steel Shield  can also be used on anvils, hammers, and rolling wheels to prevent corrosion from forming when the machines are not in use.

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Features and Benefits

  • Prevents corrosion using Polymer Coating Technology
  • Weldable, eliminating surface preparation
  • Dries clear so any damage or fatigue can easily be seen
  • Dries to slight tack with no messy, oily residue
  • Penetrates porous metals, lubricating and protecting simultaneously