Landscape Maintenance

Landscaping, lawn, and gardening equipment is expensive and should be protected. Rust and corrosion can be a serious threat to your tools and machinery. 

Mavcoat® Steel Shield’s technology delivers high-performance protection and lubrication that consistently withstands the repeated use of this equipment. Mavcoat® Steel Shield is sprayed on lawnmowers to prevent water and wet grass from accumulating and corroding housings, shrouds, and engine parts. Its proprietary chemistry penetrates metal pores, displaces moisture, and leaves a coating that protects all metals for months.

Overspray will not harm paint, plastic, or electrical – it will protect these materials too! In addition, spray Mavcoat® on your equipment before cutting plants because the coating will prevent sap and gums from clogging cutting blades on all shears, trimmers, pruning saws, loppers, hedge clippers, and snippers. The coating will not harm plants.




 Other Uses:
  • Tools and hardware
  • Saltwater protection for homes near the coast
  • Protection of all exterior metals
  • Seasonal storage of outdoor equipment and metal furniture