Q: How many cans does it take to fully coat a tube-chassis vehicle?
A: 3-4 cans will fully coat an entire tube-chassis vehicle.

Q: Do I need to remove Mavcoat® Steel Shield prior to welding?
A: No, Mavcoat® Steel Shield will not affect the integrity of your weld, nor will it create any by-product gases.

Q: Should Mavcoat® Steel Shield feel oily or greasy after drying?
A: No, Mavcoat® Steel Shield will completely dry to a clear, waxy, waterproof film after 30 minutes.

Q: How long should I wait before applying another coat?
A: It is best to wait 3-5 minutes for the previous coat to dry before applying another coat.

Q: The can says “Racers' Choice for Chassis Waterproofing”.  May I use it for common household needs as well?
A: Yes, Mavcoat® Steel Shield is ready to use in the following areas of expertise: Home Applications, Hand Tools, Power Tools, Bicycles, Cars, Trucks, RV’s, Motorcycles, Boats, Trailers, Marine Applications,

Q. Will overspray harm rubber hoses, plastic parts, paint, or other non-metal surfaces?
A. No. Mavcoat® Steel Shield will not damage rubber hoses, hydraulic hoses, serpentine belts, or any other rubber or polyurethane components, as well as any painted surfaces.

Q: Does the surface of application need to be clean?
A: No, however if the surface is clean, coverage will be more effective and last longer as well.

Q: Is Mavcoat® Steel Shield effective and safe to use in temperatures below 32° F?
A: Yes, It is safe to use up to -70° F.

Q: If I use Mavcoat® Steel Shield while traveling to areas of high elevation, will the aerosol can explode?
A: No, the aerosol can is safe to use at any elevation ABOVE sea level.

Q: When applying, do I need to spread the coverage after spraying?
A: No, you can either spray on directly or use a rag to apply.

Q: When using on metal pipes, hoses, or other hollow components, do I need to apply inside and outside?
A: No, Mavcoat® Steel Shield penetrates surfaces to soak deeper, making inaccessible areas much easier to protect.

Q: I would now like to paint my metal, do I need a special cleaner to remove Mavcoat® Steel Shield?
A: No, any cleaning solvent and some scrubbing will easily remove Mavcoat® Steel Shield.

Q: If I use Mavcoat® Steel Shield with my yard equipment, (lawn mowers, farm equipment, etc.) will it harm my plants and greenery?
A: No, Mavcoat® Steel Shield does not drip when applied, nor does it rub off onto other surfaces after drying.

Q: Will Mavcoat® Steel Shield cause short circuits when using to dry wiring?
A: No, Mavcoat® Steel Shield is non-conductive and safe to use on connectors, ignitions, wiring, and electrical circuits. ONLY APPLY WHILE ELECTRICITY IS NOT FLOWING.

Q: I recoat my surfaces after every use, is it harmful to apply too many coats?
A: No, Mavcoat® Steel Shield is engineered to yield longer periods of protection when applied in thicker coats. Reapply when metal is scratched or if rust begins to form.

Q: Will Mavcoat® Steel Shield irritate the skin?
A: Mavcoat® Steel Shield is non-toxic and non-hazardous, however everyone will react to it differently. If irritation occurs, wash well with soap and water.

Q: If I apply Mavcoat® Steel Shield to a wet surface, will it still work effectively?
A: Yes, Mavcoat® Steel Shield is 100% waterproof. It is a hydrophobic coating meaning it displaces all water it comes into contact with.

Q: Is this product harmful to the environment?
A: No, Mavcoat® Steel Shield is safe to use, it contains NO Ozone Depleting Substances, NO CFC’s, NO HCFC’s, and NO chlorinated solvents. Does NOT contain silicone.